We are ArtistryWare

The ArtistryWare team brings together decades of expertise in various entertainment venues from cinemas and television to theme parks and interactive experiences. From concept to final product, our staff of qualified professionals are able to provide a full range of services that can make your dream a reality.

Every project is unique and every client is special. We approach each venture with renewed excitement and use our experience to create the best possible solutions. Whether you need to visualize a story through detailed digital media, design and build the hardware components required to recreate reality or simply program an interactive experience that will engage your customers...

Who We Are

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Gregory Arndt

Grand Poohbah

Rommel Sedano

Creative Guru

Daniel Kent

Master of the Mechanical

Tanguy LeGloahec

Special Effects Genius

What We Do

Concept Design

We have the resources to develop a fully visualized concept from 2D sketches to 360° 3D renderings. Then it’s time to take your concept to the next level.


Whether it’s complex mechanical systems or the electrical systems to control them, the ArtistryWare team can develop the documentation needed to build your dream.

Digital Media

From computer generated imagery to live action production, we work with you to produce the right media from script and story board through production and final integration.


ArtistryWare staff is highly skilled in the art of show and interactive programming including computer and mobile applications, PLCs and show controllers.

How we work

1The first step in any project is to meet with the various stakeholders and establish the requirements of the project. This is the most important step as it starts by determining whether your needs are creative, technical or both. Creative and Technical projects follow a similar path, just a different team.

2Once the requirements are defined, our project team starts developing the documentation needed to bring your project to life. For creative projects, this could include concept design, 3D modeling and rendering, and/or architectural integration. For technical projects, this could include schematic design, mechanical modeling and/or fabrication drawings.

3The final step in any project is the fabrication and installation of your final product. We can provide just supervision and vendor management, or work with our partners to provide full fabrication services for scenic, mechanical and/or electrical systems and ensure that the product meets global industry standards.